National Moth Week 2019

It brings me a lot of joy to make moth week illustrations.

Another year, another #NationalMothWeek! I discovered this annual occurrence as I was about to create my blog almost two years ago, and I love that it happens every end of July, just before my blog turns another year older each August 1st. It’s the perfect celebration for my borrowed Luna moth brand, and while some people may look at my blog or instagram and think the name is just a random quirky choice I made, I think it has layers that make it a great representation of my little corner of the internet and more fun to have on a logo than just my own name or something.

I love moths because they are such a great example of how everything (everyone) has an inherent value and purpose for existing. Some moths are pretty, some start as silkworms that produce thread which can be made into beautiful fabric, some live only long enough to mate and die, some best serve as another link in the food chain to nourish other creatures, but no matter how small or plain the species, their absence would be felt. You can check out last year’s moth week post here, and now let’s get into this year’s roundup of cool moth news and interesting links.

Moth coloring pages! For your kids or if you’re a kid at heart. A friendly instagram commenter alerted me that these exist on the moth week official site after my cousin suggested I should make a moth coloring book. That would be a fun future project, but for now, I turned my logo into a Luna moth coloring page that you can print or download by clicking here! Or you could color in my moth illustration above if you really wanted to 😉

The Moth Book – a cool old book on moths published in 1903 that you can read for free at this link, kind of…many of the pages are scanned poorly so it’s more just to flip through for fun.

Tips on how to do the whole “mothing” thing – in my two years of being aware of National Moth Week I’ve never officially set up a mothing experiment, my house is a bit more in the “city” (though I live in a very small city) and not near any woods, so I don’t often see many moths larger than a quarter at my home, but I would love to try “mothing” in my local park someday, I bet there’d be a ton of cool moths around.

Pretty cool new moth species discovered in Costa Rica – there are estimated to be anywhere between 160,000 to 500,000 species of moths in the world, many of which are yet to be discovered!

A lovely gallery of high-quality photos of some of the prettiest moths out there. Actually, I found so many crazy interesting and beautiful moths once I started browsing Pinterest that I made a whole moth board you should definitely check out.

When I laid eyes on the Baorisa hieroglyphica moth it immediately became one of my new favorites, what a work of natural art. I had to draw it, of course, and I just went for realism this time because there’s no need to take creative liberties with something that’s already this beautiful.

Alright I think that’s quite enough for this year. Needless to say, there are plenty of interesting things to mention about moths! Hope you’ll check out some of those links, until next time — same moth week, same moth channel 😉

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