About Luna Moth Life

So glad you stopped by!

I’m Chloe, the human behind this tiny corner of the internet. I’m a recent college graduate with a BA in Media Communication and a minor in Interdisciplinary Art trying to cultivate a creative and purposeful life. I am an Orthodox Christian, a 200hr registered yoga teacher, an aspiring children’s book illustrator, and I have probably too many interests and hobbies that may or may not include most mediums of art, photography, writing, piano, ballet, trying to learn French, being in awe of flowers and nature in general, and telling my pet rabbit that he’s cute.

This blog is sort of an experimental platform and unofficial portfolio for me, a place to share what I’m learning or experiencing or creating, but it all stems from a curious and optimistic outlook on life that is rooted in my faith, my appreciation for connecting with other people, and my gratitude for this life I have been given. I’m hoping you might be inspired by some of the things I share to be more intentional in the way you live your own life.

Why “Luna Moth”?

Moths have a bit of a creep factor, I know. They’re like annoying furry butterflies that get in your face at night. But the Luna moth, with its fluffy white body, feathery antennae and large, pale green wings is definitely more ethereal than annoying. And it’s a bit rare to spot, which is why you may be thinking: oh, that’s a real thing? Not just a visual on a sleep aid commercial?

In addition to being interesting creatures, Luna moths also have a nostalgic connection for me. When I was at my grandparents’ house one summer’s day somewhere between the ages of 3 and 5, we found one resting on a bush in their front garden. It’s one of those childhood memories that seems like a dream and never really leaves you. Even then, the sighting felt both beautiful and unsettling, like a rare glimpse into some sort of secret magical part of the natural world. (I don’t know whether my mom added “luna moth” to her list of random things to call me because of that incident or just because she likes the sing-song rhythm of those two words, but it is sort of an obscure, occasional nickname of mine as well.)

I have always liked to occasionally indulge in nostalgia and fairy tales, and I think maintaining a certain degree of childlike wonder into adulthood is important. If you don’t keep a bit of playfulness, the ability to be amazed, it can be too easy to fall into cynical and pessimistic patterns and forget the joy of life in the midst of everyday drudgery and responsibilities. For me, the Luna moth represents the everyday magic, nostalgia, and other qualities of life that make you uncomfortable in the best way. It can serve as an analogy for the soul, or our inner child, that vulnerable bit of us striving for purpose.